High Fashion Ecologi\cal Alpaca clothing manufacturers in Peru:  "ECO ALPACA"
Eco Alpaca
Peru's high fashion Alpaca garment manufacturer.
We use only pelts from young Alpacas that froze in the high Andes - we then give back part of our profits, contributing to projects designed to protect Peru's Alpaca. We never kill an animal..
Our Ecological Statement

Something important about our Alpaca products. Our pelts are obtained exclusively after the death of young alpacas due to the harsh environment in the high Andes. No Alpacas are sacrificed to obtain their pelts, it is a process that follows a natural cycle. The climatic conditions at over 3500 meters above sea level create a natural selection. As far as the tanning of Alpaca skin is concerned, our procedures follow international standards of quality control. At the beginning of every operation we work with Canadian specialists who assist us through the whole process.