High Fashion Ecologi\cal Alpaca clothing manufacturers in Peru:  "ECO ALPACA"
Eco Alpaca
Peru's high fashion Alpaca garment manufacturer.
We use only pelts from young Alpacas that froze in the high Andes - we then give back part of our profits, contributing to projects designed to protect Peru's Alpaca. We never kill an animal..
Navale Alpaca S.A.C. is part of the Manufacturas Santa Eulalia Group which has been dedicated - for 22 years - to the development, manufacturing and sales of Alpaca products It was born with the objective of projecting towards the international market Alpaca garments and accessories with high contents of design and quality. Thanks to the participation of skilled technicians with international experience, Navale Alpaca has been able to locate itself among the most qualified manufacturers of Alpaca garments
Beautiful High Fashion Alpaca Garments from Eco Alpaca, Peru